Shards are the produce type for Crystalline plants. They can be used to obtain the resource (e.g. diamond) by smelting them or to get more seeds by leaving the shard in a block of still water to despawn. If you're lucky, seeds will spawn when the shard despawns.

The colour of each type of shard should match the colour of the resource it smelts into.
Texture for the Emerald Shard.
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Added in:
1.0.0 Beta
Grown by:
Crystalline Plants
Getting Seeds from Shards
This section serves as a detailed guide on obtaining seeds from shards.

Shards of any type can be dropped into a block/pool of still water and left for 5 minutes to despawn. Each shard dropped has a chance of turning into seeds of the same plant type when the shard despawns. The chance of seeds spawning for that particular shard type can be changed in the config settings.

Waiting for shards to despawn into seeds.
Waiting for shards to despawn into seeds.