Getting Seeds and Resources
Getting seeds in Resynth can be quite confusing given that there are no crafting recipes for seeds - all the seeds must be obtained by doing something in the world, like killing mobs, blowing up ores or throwing produce.

Seeds can either be obtained from a source ore/mob (e.g. iron, diamond, skeleton, creeper) or from the plants produce that it grows. Different plant types have different ways of obtaining seeds from both the source and the produce.

This page is intended to guide you through all the different ways of getting seeds for Resynth plants from both the source ores/mobs and the produce as well as getting the final resources from plants and their produce.
Getting Seeds and Resources
Texture for Gold Seeds.
Getting Seed for Crystalline Plants
This section details getting seeds from both the source and produce of Crystalline plant types (e.g. diamond and emerald).

Seeds from the Source Ore
Getting seeds from the source ore of Crystalline plants is pretty easy. When mining any supported ore block (for example: diamond ore), a seed will sometimes drop instead of the ores item. This seed can then be planted on Mineral Soil and grown into more resources.

Seeds from the Produce
Getting seeds from Crystalline produce (called shards) is a little more complicated but just as easy. Instead of smelting the shard to get the resource, the shard can be left in a water source block to despawn. Occasionally the shard will turn into seeds.

Getting Seed for Biochemical Plants
This section details getting seeds from both the source and produce of Biochemical plant types (e.g. gunpowder and blaze).

Seeds from the Source Mob
Similar in functionality to obtaining seeds for Crystalline plants. Obtaining seed for Biochemical plants follows the same idea: when killing the mob that would drop the mob drop, a seed for the mob will randomly spawn (i.e. killing a zombie will sometimes drop rotten flesh seeds). In 1.13.2 and 1.14.4, Biochemical seeds can spawn from multiple different mobs.

Seeds from the Produce
Getting seeds from Biochemical produce (called bulbs) is arguably the easiest way of all.

In 1.12.2

Right clicking with a bulb in hand will throw the item. When the item lands on the ground it will sometimes spawn seeds for the plant.

In 1.13.2/1.14.4

In 1.13.2 and 1.14.4, Bulbs are smashed (by holding right-click) instead of thrown. If you're lucky, seeds will spawn within 5 blocks of you when smashed.

Getting Seed for Metallic Plants
This section details getting seeds from both the source and produce of Metallic plant types (e.g. iron and gold).

The method of getting Metallic type seeds does not differ between the produce and the ore. That is, there is only one way to get Metallic seed, from both the ore and the produce.

Getting Metallic Seeds
Any ore that needs smelting to get the resource (e.g. iron & gold) does not drop seeds directly like Crystalline seeds. These ores need to be blown up with TNT (Other forms of explosions may or may NOT work). Each ore block blown up has a chance of dropping seeds.

This method works for Organic Ore as well so you can obtain seeds from the produce.

Getting Metallic Seeds.
Blowing up ore to get seeds.

Getting the Final Product
This section details getting the final product (e.g. diamonds, gold, blaze rods) from the plants produce.

The process for obtaining the final produce does not differ between plant types. Anything the plant produces (either bulbs, shards or organic ore) can be put into a furnace and smelted into the final product. This is either the starting ore for Metallic plants (e.g. Organic Iron Ore turns into Iron Ore in a furnace), the mob drop for Biochemical plants or the gem/resource for Crystalline plants.