Getting Started
Resynth is a lot like any other ore growing mod, though it has its own mechanics which are not as straight forward and can make it difficult to know what to do and where to start.

This page is intended to get you started with the basics of Resynth and get you up and running so you can start growing your ores and resources.
Resynth - Getting Started
Mineral Hoe - Resynths primary tool.

First Things First
The first thing you will what to do is go mining. This is the only way to get ore seeds (apart from plants) as well the resources needed to make Resynths tools which are needed to grow plants.

You'll start getting seeds just by mining ores and killing mobs. Although you cannot just plant the seeds on dirt or tilled soil - you need a special block, called Mineral Soil, that can only be obtained by tilling dirt/grass (right clicking) with a Mineral Hoe.

In order to make the Mineral Hoe and get started growing the plants, you'll need Mineral Rocks. Mineral Rocks drop from Mineral Stone which only spawns in rare quantities at the very bottom of the world between Y-Levels 3 and 5 (Y-Levels 3-10 in Minecraft 1.13.2 and up). The Mineral Hoe requires 18 Mineral Rocks to be crafted. Although you'll want more than this (a lot more), as Mineral Rocks also act as a kind of fertilizer that increases the growth rate of plants. Mineral Rocks are also used as a crafting component to Mineral Crystals which are added to the Mineral Hoe as a consumable to till dirt/grass.

When mining Mineral Stone, Mineral Seeds will sometimes drop which will allow you to grow more Mineral Rocks so you don't need to keep going mining to grow/fertilize more plants. Mineral Seeds are pretty common so you should have a few by the time you're done mining.

Mineral Stone next to some bed rock
Mineral Stone next to some bedrock
Making Your Farm
Once you have your resources, you'll want to craft two Dense Mineral Rocks by placing nine Mineral Rocks in a crafting table, and then smelt them to get Mineral Crystals. The Mineral Crystals can then be used to craft a Mineral Hoe. When crafted, the Mineral Hoe has two charges which allow you to till two blocks. You'll need to add more Mineral Crystals to the hoe to till more blocks.

Once you have tilled some dirt into Mineral Soil, you will want to add the rest of your Mineral Rocks to the soil by right clicking the soil block with Mineral Rocks in hand. This increases the mineral content of the soil which speeds up plant growth. Plants growing on soil with a low mineral content take a very long time to grow.

Some things to note: unlike normal vanilla Minecraft soil, Mineral Soil does not need a water source block nearby. Plants placed on Mineral Soil will always grow regardless of any (or no) water source blocks nearby. Another difference between Mineral Soil and normal Minecraft soil is that jumping or sprinting on Mineral Soil will not cause it to turn back into dirt.

It is recommended that you plant Mineral Seeds first to ensure a steady supply of Mineral Rocks so you don't have to go mining to grow or fertilize new plants.

A basic Resynth farm.
A basic "getting started" farm
Getting The Final Resource
By now you know how to grow the seeds you've obtained, although that doesn't help much when you don't know how to get the actual resource from the plant (e.g. diamonds from Diamond Shards).

Any produce (not seeds) obtained from harvesting Resynth plants can be thrown in a furnace to get the final resource out - be it bulbs, shards, or organic ore. The amount of resources that you get is determined by the exact type of plant.

You may want to keep some of the produce though, rather than smelting all of it, as it can be destoryed for a small chance at getting more seeds. The method used to get seeds from the produce is determined by the plant type.

In the 1.12.2 versions of Resynth, The amount of resources obtained by smelting can be changed in the configs.
Growing Mineral Crystals
Although you initially need to go mining to get the Mineral Crystals needed to grow Resynth plants, you'll quickly gather a lot Mineral Crystal Seeds due to their high spawn chance.

Being a farming mod, that relies on Mineral Rocks, you will want to plant all the seeds you get. As getting Mineral Rocks from the plants is orders of magnitude faster and easier than mining the ore.

It is also recommended you plant a lot of Calvinite Seeds, for making Enhancers, as opposed to mining them. This will significantly speed up the rate at which you can upgrade the Mineral Soil blocks you already have.
Getting More Seeds
Unlike vanilla Minecraft, a Resynth plant will only ever drop one seed when broken/harvested and so far you only know how to obtain seeds from mining/killing mobs. Although don't worry, there are ways to get seeds from the produce of the plant. This depends on the plant and produce type. See Getting Seeds and Resource for the complete guide on getting seeds from plants.
Tier 2 and 3 Mineral Soil
Only for 1.14.2 versions and newer.

Once you have Mineral Soil with a Mineral Content of 50% (the max it can be), you can begin looking to upgrade it to tier 2/3.

The Calvinite Enhancer (made from Calvinite Crystals, which can be mined from Calvinite Infused Netherrack) can be placed directly underneath a Mineral Soil block (with a mineral content of 50%) to turn it into tier 2 Mineral Soil. Tier 2 Mineral Soil has a dark purple colour to it and has a Mineral Content of 60%.

The Sylvanite Enhancer (made from Sylvanite Crystals, which can be mined from Sylvanite Infused End Stone) can be placed directly underneath a Mineral Soil block (with a mineral content of 50%) to turn it into tier 3 Mineral Soil. Tier 3 Mineral Soil has a gold colour to it and has a Mineral Content of 75%.

Calvinite Crystals can be grown from Calvinite Seeds, however, Sylvanite Crystals cannot. This makes them quite rare, so you may want to prioritize.

Tiers 2 and 3 Mineral Soil blocks.
Tiers 2 and 3 Mineral Soil blocks.
Crafting Recipes
All the crafting recipes you need to know.

Dense Mineral Rock

Mineral Hoe

Mineral Rocks

Calvinite Enhancer

Sylvanite Enhancer

Furnace Recipes

Smelting Mineral Stones into Mineral Crystals

Smelting a Shard to get the resource

Smelting a Bulb to get the resource

Smelting Organic Ore to get the resource