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Growable Ores, Mob Drops and, Resources

for Minecraft 1.12.2 1.13.2 1.14.4 1.15.2 1.16

The Resynth Minecraft Mod enables growing and farming ores and other non-renewable resources in vanilla and modded Minecraft by adding different plant crops that can grow ores, mob drops, and various other resources.

Metallic type plants allow growing ores and other blocks. Metallic Seeds are normally gotten by blowing up an ore with TNT, when blown up - occasionally - depending on the Seed Drop Chance, seeds will drop from the ore block that will allow you to grow the ore indefinitely. Biochemical type plants allow growing mob drops. Their seeds have a random chance of dropping whenever a mob is killed. The seeds needed to grow a specific mob drop are usually dropped by the same mob that drops the mob drop. Finally, Crystalline type plants grow various other item drops, such as those dropped when mining an ore or block, like Diamond and Redstone.

Resynth is constantly being updated with new features and crops to grow ores and resources. Support for ores and resources from other mods is always being added. Resynth is highly configurable and allows changing almost everything to suit your needs.

There's More!

Beyond just getting seeds and growing ores and resources, Resynth also adds some nice features and mechanics. First, a new type of farmland for Resynth crops that can be enriched with Mineral Rock to speed up the growth rate of plants. Crop Farms can be made fully automatic either with Hoppers or with vanilla auto-farming mechanics. Plant produce can be destroyed for a chance to get more seeds. A type of flower that spawns randomly throughout the world that can drop Biochemical seeds for players in peaceful mode so that they can grow mod drops. And so much more!

For a detailed guide on getting started, check out the Getting Started Guide in the Wiki. Start growing your ores, mob drops, and resources quickly and easily!

Everything is Configurable!

If being able to grow your own ores and resources sounds too easy and overpowered, or if you like playing on easy mode and just want to grow the ores and resources you need without having to fight for them, don't worry! Resynth has you covered! Everything can be configured to make it perfect for you.

Every plants growth rate can be configured to make it grow as fast or slow as you want it to. The chances of seeds spawning, the number of resources the produce of a plant gives and the ability to use Bonemeal on specific crops can all be changed as well. Plant growth and seed spawning can be disabled. Features can be turned on or off. And so many more configuration options!

Over 100 Different Crops!

Resynth adds over one-hundred different ore and resources growing crops to Minecraft! A lot are for growing vanilla Minecraft resources, while others grow ores and resources for other mods and are only enabled when the mod is installed. To see all the different ores, mob drops, and resources you can grow with Resynth crops as well as from what mods, check out the List of Plants

For more detailed information about the mod and how to use it View The Wiki
For some common issues and questions about the mod View The FAQ
Growable Ores
Metallic type crops growing Iron Ore and Gold Ore.
Growing ores
Growable Resources
Crystalline type crops growing resources like Diamond & Redstone.
Growing resources
Growable Mob Drops
Biochemical type crops growing the Ender Pearl & Spiders Eye Mod Drops.
Growing mob drops