Crystalline Plants
Crystalline plants are one of three Resynth plant types. They resemble Minecraft Wheat plants with a colour to match the resource they grow.

Crystalline plants normally grow items that are dropped from mining an ore, such as diamond and redstone. Seeds for Crystalline plants are originally obtained in the same way - by mining the ore. Occasionally, when the ore block is mined, the seeds to grow the item will be dropped instead of the item.

When fully grown, a the Crystalline plant can be broken to get the seeds back and a shard. This shard can be smelted to get the original resource (e.g. diamond) or left in water to despawn for a chance at getting additional seeds.
Crystalline Plants
Texture for the Crystalline Diamond Plant.
Added in:
1.0 Beta
Seeds Obtained By:
Mining the Ore.
Leaving the shards to despawn in water.
Crystalline Crop Farm
A field of crystalline plants.
A field of crystalline plants.