Bulbs are the produce type for Biochemical plants. They can be popped off the plant by right-clicking it when it's fully grown.Bulbs can be smelted in a furnace to obtain the final resource (e.g. spider eyes and ender peals).

The colour of each bulb matches the colour of the resource it smelts into.

Getting seeds from bulbs in 1.12.2

In 1.12.2, bulbs can be thrown for a chance at getting more seeds by right-clicking the bulb. When it lands, it has a chance of spawning seeds. Throwing the bulb will destroy the item.

Getting seeds from bulbs in 1.13.2/1.14.4

In 1.13.2 and 1.14.4, bulbs have changed slightly. They're now smashed, by holding right-click. If you're lucky, seeds will spawn within 5 block of you. This will destroy the item.

Texture for the Spider Eye Bulb
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Biochemical Plants
Harvesting Bulbs
Bulbs can be harvested from fully grown Biochemical plants by right-clicking them. The bulb will pop off and the plant will reset to stage 4 of 8. The plant can also be broken when fully grown to obtain the bulb although the plant will have to be replanted and will start growing from stage 1 of 8.

It is recommended that you don't harvest (right-click) Biochemical plants with a bulb in your hand as you'll throw the bulb when harvesting the plant.

Harvesting Ender Pearl Bulbs.
Harvesting Ender Pearl Bulbs.