Resynth FAQ question_answer

The most common questions and answers as well as issues and how to fix them.

error_outline The Mineral Hoe isn't working/crashing the game. Help!
If you're running Resynth 3.1.0, or later, you can configure the Mineral Crystal to turn dirt or grass into Mineral Soil itself.
Replacements for other features are not available.
If you're having problems with the Mineral Hoe, submit a bug report here.
error_outline World generation (ores & flowers) in Minecraft 1.16.2/1.16.3.

World generation, or features as it's now called, has changed drastically in 1.16.2 and up, and as such, it has been disabled in the Beta versions of Resynth for 1.16.2/1.16.3. This means Resynths Ores and the Mystical Seed Pod will not generate in the world.

Once features are finished being updated and working again, world generation will be added back. Until then, ores will need to be obtained through cheats.

error_outline Where can I find the crafting recipes?
A full list of the latest crafting recipes can be found here on the dedicated Wiki page, or here on the Getting Started page of the Wiki.
error_outline The tooltips, while useful, are bothering me!
In 1.13.2 and 1.14.4, the descriptive tooltips can be turned off in the configuration files. Tooltips that display values, such as drop chances and growth rates will not be affected.
error_outline Are other mods supported in Minecraft 1.13?
No! Resynth for Minecraft 1.13.2 only adds plants for Vanilla resources.
error_outline Extreme Reactors and Resynth are installed but Yellorite Seeds aren't in the game.
Resynth version 1.3.6 and below are incompatible with newer versions of Extreme Reactors. If you're experiencing this issue, ensure both mods are up-to-date.
error_outline The Mineral Hoe won't charge!
Between versions 1.3.1 and 1.3.3, the Mineral Hoe requires the Mineral Crystals to be in the leftmost slot in the hotbar. See Issue:#6 for more information.
error_outline How do I get the ore/resource from the plant?
Put what ever the plant drops into a furnace... Just not the seeds.
error_outline I can't plant Resynth seeds!
Resynth seeds can only be placed and grown on mineral soil. Normal Minecraft soil will not work.
error_outline What other mods does Resynth support?
Resynth supports:
  1. Applied Energistics 2
  2. Forestry
  3. Tinkers' Construct
  4. Thermal Foundation
Resynth does NOT support Industrial Craft 2 and other technical mods with copper, tin, ect, although it should work with them as long as Thermal Foundation is also installed.
error_outline What about other technical mods like Industrial Craft 2 and Immersive Engineering?
As long as Thermal Foundation is installed alongside the other mods, the plants produce should work for other mods with ore dictionary like Industrial Craft 2 and Immersive Engineering. Although, the seeds for Thermal Foundation plants can ONLY BE OBTAINED from Thermal Foundation ore.
error_outline Can I add Resynth to a/my modpack?
Yes - a link back would be nice but it's not required.
error_outline How do I get seeds?
Well, that depends on the plant type and resource.
For crystalline plants you get seeds just by mining their ores (e.g. diamond, redstone, lapis).
For metallic plants you need to blow up the ore with tnt (e.g. iron and gold) - seeds will randomly drop.
For biochemical plants seeds sometimes drop when you kill a mob.
View the wiki for more information on getting seeds.
error_outline I found a bug/I have an issue.
All bugs and issues can be reported here
error_outline My plants don't drop more seeds. How do I get more plants?
Every Resynth plant will only every drop 1 seed, regardless of how grown it is. To get more seeds from the plant depends on the plant type. Usually the produce of the plant must be destroyed in some way. View the wiki for more information on this.
error_outline Why are my plants taking forever to grow?
Some Resynth plants grow very slowly by default. You can change this in the configuration though.
Mineral Soil also has a special growth mechanic - make sure you increase its mineral content or the plant on top of it will grow very slowly.