Resynth seeds are used to plant the various types of Resynth plants. They're obtained differently depending on the plant type the seeds are for. See Getting Seeds and Resources for a detailed guide on getting seeds.

All Resynth seeds can only be planted on Mineral Soil blocks.
Resynth Seeds
Texture for Blaze Seeds.
Display Name:
Added in:
1.0.0 Beta
Plant on:
Mineral Soil
Texture and Colour
The different Resynth seeds have different textures depending on the type of plant they place and all the seeds have a different colour that matches the colour of the resource they grow.

Planting Resynth Seeds.
Planting Resynth Seeds.

In version 1.3.3, all seeds have a tooltip that displays information about the plant type they grow.

This information will include the growth chance of the plant, the chance the seeds will drop from the ore/mob and the chance seeds will drop from the produce. Biochemical seeds will also display the chance the seeds will drop when breaking a Mystical Seed Pod.