Mystical Seed Pod
The Mystical Seed Pod is a special plant in Resynth. Unlike the others, it spawns randomly in the world instead of growing from seeds.

By default, they do not do anything and are pretty much useless apart from being a decorative flower. However, you can change the configuration so that when broken, each Mystical Seed Pod will drop a Biochemical Seed for a random growable mod drop instead. This feature can be used to enable players who can otherwise not obtain mob drops a way to grow mob drops for themselves; particularly useful for players who like playing in Peaceful mode.
Mystical Seed Pod
The Mystical Seed Pod
Named after Mystical Flowers from Botania.
Plant Type:
Added in:
A random Seed item for any Biochemical plant type.
Enabling the Mystical Seed Pod
In the Resynth config settings, under the Mystical Seed Pod category is a config option Should Drop Seeds/enable-drops-from-seed-pod.

When set to true, Mystical Seed Pods will drop a random Biochemical seed when broken (common Biochemical seeds have a slightly higher chance to drop in 1.12.2).

When set to false, Mystical Seed Pods will drop the plant block which can then be used as a decorative block.

A couple mystical seed pods found naturally in the world.
A couple mystical seed pods found naturally in the world.