Plant Requests

Plant requests are a way to allow anyone to submit a request for new plants to be added to Resynth that allow growing an ore, mob drop, or resource, either from vanilla Minecraft or another mod. When submitting plant requests, there are some requirements that must be followed.

Plant requests are submitted on GitHub, where they are either accepted or rejected. The completion status of an accepted plant request will be shown on the plant request as well. Requests (or otherwise asking for a plant to be added) posted anywhere other than the specified section on GitHub will be rejected or ignored.

Plant Requests
Seeds for the Ruby Crop that grows Ruby gems added by other mods.
Link to Plant Requests:

In order to make fulfilling plant requests as quick and easy as possible, some information needs to be provided upfront, such as ore/resource names, mod names and more. In addition to this, plant support for most older Resynth versions has been discontinued and as such plants will no longer be added to them. Some rare mods and resources will also not be accepted in plant requests.

The following requirements list the information that must be present, what Resynth/Minecraft versions are accepted and not accepted, as well as and any additional rules, requirements, and exceptions:

  • Currently, the only Resynth versions receiving new crops are those for the latest version of Minecraft - currently 1.16.1. Most plant requests for older versions will be rejected (except in rare cases).
  • Multiple different ore and resource growing crops can be requested in one plant request.
  • Provide the full name of the resource. If multiple, include the name of every resource you want a crop for.
  • Specify the Minecraft version the plant request is for.
  • For each plant request, specify the type of resource. E.g. ore, mob drop, or item resource.
  • For crops growing ores and resources from other mods: include the full name of the mod, as well as a link to the mod (preferably on CurseForge). If possible, also include the mods unique id (modid).
  • For crops growing ores and resources from other mods: include the latest version of Minecraft the mod supports.
  • Only one mod per plant request.
  • Finally, include any additional information you consider to be important.

Writing and Submitting the Plant Request

All plant requests must be submitted here on GitHub. You will need an account on GitHub in order to post the request. All plant requests need a title and a body.

Within the title, you should specify that the post is a plant request and include the resource(s) you want the crop(s) to grow. If the resources are from another mod, include the full mod name in the title within brackets. When requesting multiple (more than 3) crops in a single plant request, simply replace the resource names with the word "Multiple". The body should contain all the other information required when submitting a plant request. There is no strict format the body needs to be written in.

Here are some examples showing standard plant requests:

Example Title 1: Plant Request: Mossy Cobblestone

Example Title 2: Plant Request: Copper (Thermal Foundation)

Example Title 3: Plant Request: Multiple

Example Body 1:

Requested crops for: Mossy Cobblestone
Minecraft Version: 1.16.1
Type: Block (Metallic)


Example Body 2:

Requested crops for: Copper (metallic, ore), Tin (metallic, ore), and Aluminium
Mod: Tinkers' Construct
Link to mod: < put link here >
Mods Minecraft Version: 1.16.1
Minecraft Version: 1.16.1

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