Metallic Plants
Metallic plants are one of three Resynth plant types. They're used to grow ores that naturally spawn in the world They resemble Minecraft Melon and Pumpkin plants with a colour to match the resource they grow. They act pretty similar to Minecraft Melon plants as well.

Metallic plants will occasionally grow an Organic Ore block when the plant stalk/block is fully grown itself. The Organic Ore block can then be collected and smelted to get the original back or it can be blown up with TNT for a chance at getting more seeds for the plant.

As with any Resynth plant, when broken, the plant will only drop 1 Seeds item - no more, no less.
Metallic Plants
Texture for the Metallic Gold Plant.
Organic Ore
Added in:
1.0 Beta
Seeds Obtained By:
Blowing up the ore.
Blowing up the plant produce (organic ore).
Metallic Crop Farm
A field of metallic plants.
A field of metallic plants.