Biochemical Plants
Metallic plants are one of three Resynth plant types. They grow all the different items that are dropped by mobs in the world.

They resemble a bulb growing on a short stem and can be harvested when fully grown by right-clicking the plant. When harvested, the plant will return to a growth stage of 4 out of 8 instead of regrowing completely and a Bulb will be popped off the plant. The bulb can then be smelted to get the final resource.

In 1.12.2, the bulb can be thrown (by right-clicking with the item in hand) for a chance at getting seeds from the bulb. In 1.13.2 and 1.14.4, the bulb must be smashed by holding right-click for a chance at getting more seeds.

As with any Resynth plant, when broken, the plant will only drop 1 Seeds item - no more, no less.
Biochemical Plants
Texture for the Biochemical Spiders Eye Plant.
Added in:
Seeds Obtained By:
Killing the mob.
Throwing (1.12.2)/Smashing (1.13.2) the Bulbs.
Biochemical Crop Farm
A field of biochemical plants.
A field of biochemical plants.