Enhancers are one of two blocks: Calvinite Enhancer and Sylvanite Enhancer, used to increase the tier of Mineral Soil to Tier 2 and Tier 3 respectively.

Without Enhancers, a Mineral Soil block can only reach a Mineral Concentration of 50%, with Enhancers, the Mineral Concentration can be boosted to 60% with Calvinite and 75% with Sylvanite.

Editing config files allows a Mineral Content of 90% and 100% to be achieved through Enhancers - though this is NOT the default behaviour.

Enhancer blocks are only available in 1.14.4 Resynth Versions and newer.
The block texture for the Calvinite Enhancer.
Display Name:
Calvinite: yes
Sylvanite: no
Added in:
3.1.0 (1.14.4)
Each Enhancer block gives a straight Mineral Content increase to the Mineral Soil block placed directly above it, of 10% for Calvinite and 25% for Sylvanite.

The buff will effect instantly once placed, without the need to add any extra Mineral Crystals, provided the Mineral Soil block they are placed under has a Mineral Concentration of 50%.

Only 1 Enhancer block can be placed per Mineral Soil block. Any more Enhancers placed will not take effect.

The Enhancer block must be placed directly underneath a Mineral Soil block, with a Mineral Concentration of 50%, in order for the Enhancer to take effect.

Once placed, the Enhancer will give a straight Mineral Content increase of 10% (for a total of 60%) with Calvinite Enhancers, and a Mineral Content increase of 25% (for a total of 75%) with Sylvanite Enhancers.

The cracks in the Mineral Soil block will change colour to match the Enhancer block if done correctly.

Shows how the enhancer should be placed.
Enhancer blocks underneath Mineral Soil.