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Resynth is another ore growing mod for Minecraft that also adds support for growing mob drops and various other resources, from both Vanilla and Modded Minecraft.

The various resources are grown from 3 separate plant types: Crystalline for ore drops, Metallic for ores and other blocks, and Biochemical for mob drops. As well as providing some varity, the plant type also determines how the seeds are obtained, how the plant is harvested, how fast it grows and a bunch more.

Unlike the norm, Resynth Seeds are not crafted. Rather, they are obtained by performing actions in the world, such as killing mobs to get seeds for Biochemical plant types, or blowing up ore blocks to get seeds for Metallic plant types.

Another cool feature some of you may love, is the Mystical Seed Pod. A special type of flower that spawns randomly in the world that can be configured to drop random Biochemical mob drop Seeds for players who like to play in peaceful mode.
Resynths avatar on and the texture for the Ender Pearl plant.
Mod ID:
Initial Release Date:
Sep 29, 2018
Latest Versions:
1.3.9 (1.12.2)
2.0.0 (1.13.2)
3.1.3 (1.14.4)
4.1.0 (1.15.2)
Latest Release:
April 1, 2020 for 1.15.2
Supported Minecraft Versions:

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