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Resynth is a mod (or modification) to Minecraft that adds growable plants for various vanilla & modded ores, gems, mob drops and blocks. Resynth also includes a special plant, the Mystical Seed Pod, to enable players in a peaceful mode setting to grow mob drops.

Resynth adds three new plant types: Crystalline, Biochemical, and Metallic. Each of which grows a different type of resource.

Unlike the norm, Resynth plant seeds are not obtained from crafting recipes but by performing some in-game action. While immersive, This can make it confusing when getting started. See Getting Started for a quick overview of getting started with the mod. See Getting Seeds for a detailed guide on obtaining seeds for the different plant types.

This Wiki is intended to be the complete documentation for the Resynth Minecraft Mod. If you feel something is missing or incorrect, submit a tick here on Github
Resynths avatar on and the texture for the Ender Pearl plant.
Mod ID:
Initial Release Date:
Sep 29, 2018
Latest Versions:
1.3.9 (1.12.2)
2.0.0 (1.13.2)
3.1.2 (1.14.4)
Latest Releases:
November 11, 2019 (1.12.2),
September 2, 2019 (1.13.2)
November 28, 2019 (1.14.4)
Supported Minecraft Versions:
List of Plants
A list of the different plants and plant types can be found on these pages:

Crystalline Plants - a list of all crystalline plant types as well as some other information.
Metallic Plants - a list of all metallic plant types as well as some other information.
Biochemical Plants - a list of all biochemical plant types as well as some other information.